A girl walking in a Conservatory

How to Enjoy an All Year Round Conservatory

A conservatory is a great addition to any home. It’s the perfect place to appreciate your garden and sip a cold drink on a hot summer day. Even better, you will be able to entertain guests throughout the summer without any hassles. However, as the next season sets in, you will notice the leaves turning and the temperature dropping. For most people, it’s time to abandon their conservatories thereby leaving them unloved and unused.

Well, the arrival of autumn and winter doesn’t necessarily mean that you will have to lose the extra space in your home. You don’t have to miss out on watching the seasons change in your garden. Thanks to a few tweaks and changes, you can have an all-year-round home conservatory. You can achieve this by using the ideas below to keep you cosy and save a lot of money.

Do You Own an All-Year-Round Conservatory?

Are you wondering whether or not you can use your conservatory all year round? Is it too hot to use in the summer? Is it too cold to stay outside during the colder, wetter, or darker months of the year? If you take a break from using your conservatory, why is that so? Is it too cold to sit in your conservatory during winter evenings? Is it too cold that snuggling with a blanket will not help?

What is the average temperature of your conservatory? Does it stay chilly consistently? Does it ever reach a boiling point? Do you have a north or south-facing garden? Is there a draught in your conservatory? Is it too noisy to stay in your conservatory when the rain is coming down? Do you often find leaks in the conservatory due to the unpredictable weather? Is there a dodgy seal or joint you have been planning to repair but never get around to doing it?

If you find yourself taking a break from your conservatory every once in a while, you need to make it an all-year-round conservatory immediately. Thanks to these practical and life-saving tips, you can do it effortlessly.

How to Make a Conservatory Usable All Year Round

You can transform your conservatory to become usable every season with a few cooling and warming energy-efficient upgrades. Use these tips to manage the temperature in your conservatory effectively to enjoy a more pleasant experience all year round.

1. Conservatory Location

The location of your conservatory contributes to how it collects or retains heat every day. If it is facing the south or west, it will be warm throughout the day but you need extra ventilation through opening vents, doors, and windows, especially during the hot summer months to keep your temperature levels manageable.

On the other hand, if your conservatory is facing the north or east, it is mostly cold during the day since there isn’t direct sunlight. You need to add extra insulation to stay warm especially due to the direction of the cool eastern breeze.

2. Conservatory Walls

If you want your conservatory to be free from building regulations reviews, you need to make sure the walls are made up of 50% glass. Note that, glass is not a good insulator thereby it makes it harder to control the temperature of the conservatory. With the sun’s rays coming in during the hot summer months and heat escaping through during the cold winter months, you need to make a few changes.

Start by adding a dwarf brick wall at the base part of the conservatory to reduce the exposed glass. You can insulate the brickwork to regulate the temperature throughout the year effortlessly.

3. Conservatory Roof

Make sure the roof of your conservatory is insulated and has vents to keep the heat inside and reflect it outside whenever necessary.