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Top Viral Products On TikTok

You may not be a member of this social networking site but chances are that you have heard of it and know someone who uses the app that is all the rage when it comes to social media today.

The popularity of TikTok has grown exponentially in recent years, thanks in part to the Covid-19 pandemic and the resultant lockdowns. As it is, the app has over a billion users globally – the highest engagement rate among all social media apps in the market. Users of the app mostly do challenges, comedy skits, dances, educate followers, connect and network with other users, and share their favourite products.

Due to its popularity, the app has exacted a lot of influence with many businesses using the platform to market their products. The huge market influence of the app has led it to come up with a signature phrase – “TikTok Made Me Buy It.” This refers to the phenomenon where people buy products since they are all over TikTok. Some of the products have gone viral – and, they are certainly unique, the kind of products that you wouldn’t expect. Today we have compiled a list of some of our favourite viral products on TikTok.

1. The Leggings

The leggings that we are referring to do not need an introduction. There was a time when for around 3 months, you couldn’t swipe anywhere on the app without coming across them. Influencers in the beauty, fashion, and fitness industry loved them and there were also multiple online shopping platforms advertising them. This led to many TikTok users buying them to test them on all body types. The best place to buy these honeycomb leggings is on Amazon. The leggings are made of a stretchy fabric and have a ruching detail along the back which gives you a butt lift without having to go through surgery. We tried the leggings out and our verdict is that they can definitely win the approval of Elle Courbee, where you can find the best plus size clothing on UK high street.

2. Dyson Airwrap

With several beauty items under their brand name, the airwrap wasn’t always Dyson’s best seller especially considering that their entire catalogue of beauty tools costs over $400. The airwrap went viral on TikTok because it is marketed as having the ability to dry your hair, and increase the volume of the hair, all while giving you beautiful curls easily with minimal damage to your hair. The airwrap claims to give you the blowout effect right from the comfort of your home. Many TikTok users put the airwrap to the test and it did not disappoint. The airwrap actually sold out around November last year – and it is still hard to get your hands on one to date.

3. The Foundation Brush

If you need to understand how dynamic and cyclical the beauty and fashion industry is, just visit TikTok. Until 2009, it was common to apply makeup foundation using a brush. However, since the introduction of Beautyblender by Rea Ann Silva, the game has changed drastically with the product becoming the market leader when it comes to applying foundation. Its only competition is the kabuki-style brush whose videos started circulating just a few months ago. The Beautyblender comes in various styles and tests by TikTok users show that it gives maximum coverage as well as a flawless finish when one is applying makeup. The brush has even gained acclaim from people with vitiligo since it blends makeup and covers different skin pigments greatly. To find this brush, simply visit Amazon and search for ‘TikTok foundation brush.’ If you apply makeup, we strongly recommend that you buy one today!