The Top 4 Reasons To Redecorate Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of every home. Most families prefer gathering together in the kitchen to other rooms, especially during meal preparation. It is also the only other room you can have your friends and family over, a reason you want to ensure it is in the best condition possible and meets all your specific needs and requirements.

Buzzing with activity, it only takes a few months for an otherwise new kitchen to start showing signs of ageing. Although there are moments when you wish to preserve the blossom and matured look and feel, you still need to ensure the colour schemes, layout, and built-in gadgets maintain their initial allure and practicality. While a kitchen makeover can be expensive, there are plenty of ways and reasons to redecorate. The main idea is to ensure everything fits perfectly like a puzzle to serve its purpose well. It is also not every day that you’ll want to have a complete kitchen makeover. Proper planning and budgeting are required to make the process a success. Outlined are some of the advantages and reasons to want to refurbish your kitchen. For more inspiration on getting your kitchen Redecorated see Zen Stone.

Boosts Your Property’s Value

According to research and data released by NAEA (National Association for Estate Agents), a kitchen renovation project alone can boost your home’s market value by up to 15%. Being the heart of every home, a well-planned, organised, and beautiful kitchen is almost every homeowner’s dream and can make your home sell faster than if you renovated other rooms. A kitchen renovation doesn’t need to be expensive; it can be as simple as installing new but high-quality countertops, installing new floor tiles, applying a fresh lick of paint, or installing kitchen cabinetry and shelves. A minimalistic kitchen countertop, e.g., light grey stone quartz, can improve the kitchen’s focal point and overall appeal.

Investing in more energy-efficient appliances and lighting for the kitchen will also help boost value. Proper lighting and taking advantage of natural light are other areas you want to be particularly keen on when planning a kitchen redecoration.

Improve Energy Savings

With energy and electricity rates over the roof, almost every homeowner is looking for ways to reduce their energy bills. While switching to energy-efficient lighting and appliances can help reduce bills, a kitchen renovation can help boost energy savings further. The kitchen alone uses more than 50% of the home’s energy, a reason you might want to boost energy savings there. You can take plenty of ways and measures to make your kitchen more energy efficient.

Improved Functionality

A kitchen remodel gives you a chance to design your kitchen/space just as you like, according to your specific needs and requirements. This is especially important if you didn’t design the kitchen but bought the house as is. Remodelling makes it easy to eliminate features you do not like in the old kitchen and introduce new features. These can be anything from quartz surfaces and stainless steel appliances to the overall theme.

Whether you are a professional chef or just love cooking for your family, renovating your kitchen will create a reason to want to spend more time in it and enjoy every moment. As mentioned earlier, you can tailor the kitchen to your specifications and needs, making it easier to cultivate/grow your culinary skills. You can turn it into a practical, flowing kitchen without breaking the bank.

Create More Space

Does your kitchen seem smaller than you like? You can make it as spacious as possible with a simple kitchen remodel. You don’t necessarily have to knock down walls to create more space. Getting rid of features or appliances you no longer need or rearranging the room can do wonders.