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How to Boost Your Instagram Profile

Do you have an Instagram account? Are you looking for ways to boost your account? Well, here are the best ways to increase your followers on Instagram and make your profile everyone’s favourite on Instagram.

1. Give People a Reason to Follow You

Rather than adding your credentials, value proposition, or slogan to your Instagram bio, you need to show your potential followers what to expect if they follow you. For instance, if you are a dog trainer, you can ask them to follow you for dog training tips or cute pictures of dogs.

Additionally, if you are selling the financial market, you can ask them to follow you if they want to secure a financial future. On the other hand, you can ask your potential followers to follow your account if they want brilliant marketing tips or memes as well as cooking tips, especially for those who are financially challenged.

2. Pick the Right Handle

Your Instagram handle should be close to your business name and other social media handles. This way, your account will be easy to remember, recognize and find when people are looking for you online. If you’re from the UK, you can consult with a reliable digital marketing agency like Air Social to help you with setting up your Instagram business account.

3. Make Sure It’s a Business Profile

Having a business profile for Instagram allows you to access analytics that showcases the most important details about your followers. You will get first-hand information about your followers such as who they are, their most preferred content, and whether you are gaining or losing them.

If you haven’t switched to a business profile yet, click on the hamburger at the top part of your bio on the right then tap settings. Next, you should click the switch to professional account and then choose the category. Finally, provide your business details and you are good to go.

4. Remove the Boring Bio Link

The bio section of your Instagram profile is prime real estate. Avoid linking it to your homepage because it’s a huge bore. If you want a noticeable bio link, you need to think about changing it twice every and linking people to new and popular content.

Even better, you can add promo codes, landing pages, and much more for better reach. Try using an app such as Linktree where you can share multiple links to the best web destinations such as blog posts, website pages, deals, etc.

5. Focus on Quality Followers

Instagram is home to millions of users. Certainly, you don’t want followers who don’t bring any value to your account. Also, you don’t need followers that follow you and unfollow quickly.

Make sure you choose quality followers who like, comment, and share your posts. The best followers also appreciate your content thereby giving you a sense of purpose. Additionally, they are likely going to convert into leads and customers. Finally, they will help you get more ideal followers.

6. How to Get More Followers Using Your Content

Once you have optimized your profile for fabulous and fruitful followership, you need to attract more people. Here are the best ways to use your content and creativity to increase your Instagram followers.

7. Use the Best Formats

One of the main differences between Instagram and other social media profiles is the various formats available. They capture the user’s attention allowing you to showcase different aspects of the brand. You need to take advantage of the following.

  • Feed posts that showcase videos and photos of the best quality.
  • Stories with shortlived content, often raw and spontaneous
  • Reels that are videos with more focus on entertainment and creativity
  • Lives are real-time videos that are perfect for tutorials, AMAs, and much more.

If a person is more familiar with different facets of your business, they are going to follow you.

8. Consistently Publish Great Content

Your entire social media marketing strategy rests on this. You need to be consistent about your content. It’s the surest way to get more followers.