Clear close up of Blue parakeet.

Here are the Best Pet Birds for Beginners!

The Budgie or parakeet (commonly known in the United States) is a small bird that lives up to ten years. Parakeets are misunderstood amongst bird lovers to be observational pets. But these pets can be easily hand-tamed and are very affectionate.

A tamed Budgie is generally safe with kids and is a wonderful companion. Even though the Budgie tends to defend itself when teased, the bite isn’t as powerful as a large bird. The ability of Budgie to meet different owners’ needs makes them one of the best pet birds for beginners. If you want to start a pet service, you should check out some animal franchisee examples to have a detailed understanding of how it works.

The Cockatiel is considered the #1 selling pet bird in the U.S. Even though they are quite small in size, Cockatiels have a lifespan slightly longer than cats, and they are quite affectionate. You can easily train a Cockatiel and make them excellent family pets since they interact with all family members and get very attached to the owner. This pet bird has a unique look with feathers on its head (known as the crest).

You can read the mood of the bird better thanks to these feathers since they display what the bird is feeling. The Cockatiel makes a whistle-like sound instead of a high-pitched screech similar to some of the larger parrots that come from the Amazon.

You should keep them in larger cages than Budgies. On the other hand, a Cockatiel requires more care and can be more rewarding when trained. It’s one of the best pet birds for beginners.

Lovebirds are a great choice for beginners. They are very colourful and come from the parrot family. But they are smaller than most parrots. Lovebirds require medium-sized cages with space to fly.

They will sing most of the day since lovebirds are quite chatty. But their noises are not that disruptive compared to larger parrots. Lovebirds don’t require many social needs.

They will easily bond with their partner and interact with other people when they live as a pair. But a single lovebird may require plenty of social interaction and lots of activity. Lovebirds are considered more observational pet birds. If you want a pet bird that’s colourful and can interact with, you should opt for a pair of lovebirds.

The Parrotlet is a small parrot full of personality. They are much smaller than Budgies at only five inches in length. If you prefer a silent environment, you should opt for Parrotlets since they are not noisy.

They are small but have strong beaks. The Parrotlet is not good around children due to its stronger bite power. They should be handled with care, and their social needs are similar to those of Lovebirds.

If you buy them in pairs, the bird will try to deeply bond with its partner and ignore the people around them. But if you opt for a single Parrotlet, you need to give it a good time of your attention. In case you want a good single Parrotlet, you should opt for a hand-fed Parrotlet for plenty of companionships.

The Canary is a popular pet bird for more than a century. It’s an observational bird with low-maintenance needs. These birds are usually bred for three important traits such as colour, song, and appearance. The Canaries are most valued for their singing ability.

These birds are hands-off pets since they don’t like to interact with their owners. If you are looking for an observational bird that loves to sing, you should opt for a Canary. The Canaries do well in pairs and groups. In fact, if you are looking for a low-maintenance pet bird, the Canary is one of the best choices to meet your specific needs.