Advantages Of A VoIP Telephone System

  1. Extremely Low Costs

As must be clear from its name, the system makes use of Internet for making calls. It does not use traditional telephone lines. All the voice data is turned into digital packets which travel over the IP network. Your business could use your existing Internet connection or a direct connection to the telephone service provider. Both options could also be combined for the IP network.

The most important part of an IP connection is that your telephone service provider provides a guarantee regarding quality of service. If you plan to use Internet for connecting to your telephone service provider, it is not possible to have a quality of service guarantee.

When you use a traditional phone system for making calls, it means that the two callers on each side of the line are utilising a particular line for communication. Since the number of installed lines is limited, long-distance landline calls are extremely expensive. However, when the Internet is used to transfer voice data, it overcomes this problem which makes long-distance and domestic calls much cheaper.

In fact, when you use a VoIP telephone system for your business, you don’t have to bear any cost for making domestic or long-distance calls. If you choose a phone number for your business in the United States, most providers will allow you to make calls within the lower 48 in the US for free.

As far as the total savings is concerned, small businesses have the potential to bring down their monthly phone costs by up to 45% by switching to a VoIP system.

  1. Portability or Mobility

If you have a business where mobility is essential, the VoIP telephone system is tailor-made for you as it allows you to go mobile.

Every line in a traditional phone system is given its own number whether it’s for home or business use. If you move your home or your business, your phone number also changes which leads to a lot of complications. You also have to waste a lot of time getting in touch with phone companies to transfer your phone number and services to a new location.

You don’t need to worry about these complications with a VoIP-based phone system. You won’t have any physical limitations with the system. You can move anywhere without any additional stress.

  1. Versatile Features

When you use a VoIP phone system, you can easily multitask with the latest tech devices and be at your productive best.

Let’s consider a situation where you make a call but are waiting in a queue. You don’t need to waste your time waiting as you can take a stock of your missed client calls that can be transcribed and sent directly to your email.

It also allows you to forward your voicemail and messages. If you want to forward an important message to other recipients, that voicemail can be easily forwarded to 3 other users with just a click.

VoIP telephone systems provide a wide range of features. Since it is a mobile service, you can always add or subtract any features without any issues. It is a scalable system which will scale up or down on-demand.

  1. Conference Calls Made Simple

These are not the only features that are part of a VoIP phone system. In the case of a VoIP system, all calls make use of an integrated data network and not dedicated phone lines which means it is much easier to create and participate in conference calls.

A traditional phone system also allows you to make conference calls but it typically requires users to pay an additional service charge if they want to invite multiple callers to a conference.